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Hello, family and friends! You know we love to cook, to eat, and to eat the things we cook. So let’s all share our favorite recipes and make the world a more delicious place.

When I was 17 and getting ready to live on my own at college, I sat down with my mom and asked her how to cook all the foods we regularly ate, and I took copious notes in my little notebook. She was an amazing cook, and I wanted to record her recipes for my own benefit and so the rest of my family had it. I also compiled some recipes from family cookbooks and other places, but most of my recipes came from my mom’s mind. And each one is a recipe we like and use all the time, so there weren’t any filler recipes. Some recipes that my mom talked about were not terribly specific, but I’ve been trying to add quantities and photos over the years. The photos here are from an old version of my cookbook, and I plan to update each recipe and photo over time.

It turns out that making the recipe book was one of the most useful projects I’ve ever done, since I use it on almost a daily basis, and my mom’s recipes have been preserved, even after her passing. Food is a wonderful way to celebrate tradition and bring people together.

And lastly, I was diagnosed with Celiac in February 2021, so every recipe now includes options in italics to make it gluten free. Some are basically impossible to make gluten free, but most are doable. Happy eating!

Latest Posts

Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

Great for cold weather or when your stomach is upset, especially if you need something gluten free. This is adapted from a great recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com And as previously mentioned, this one is naturally gluten free.  

Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs

When the pandemic hit and people couldn’t go to Ikea for their Swedish meatball fix, Ikea generously posted their recipe for everyone. Granted, it’s not 100% the same, and the sauce is secret–so they posted a similar sauce. But it’s great. I generally ended up doubling the sauce and making a few other slight adjustments, … Continue reading Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs

Jalapeno Cheddar Soup

This is another decadent cream-based soup based on a Harmons deli soup recipe. (Check out the tomato basil soup also.) I’m so glad the deli director at Harmons was always happy to share any recipe you’d ask for, because everything that Harmons makes is so amazing. Anyway, at the hot soup bar, you can find … Continue reading Jalapeno Cheddar Soup

Tomato Basil Soup

Oh man, this soup is so glorious and rich. It does take a fair amount of time and cream (probably one of the reasons it’s so delicious), so we’ll often look for cream to go on clearance and then freeze it for making this soup or ice cream in the future. This soup is adapted … Continue reading Tomato Basil Soup


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