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Apple Crisp

I love this recipe, and it comes from Allrecipes. I’m just including it here for my own reference because I use it so often. Also, if we have an apple tree produce lots of apples (even if they’re very small apples), I’ll cut up the apples and make several apple crisps to put in the … Continue reading Apple Crisp

Buttercream Frosting

There are lots of buttercream frosting recipes out there. But I loved the frosting on Harmons cakes and celebration cookies. Luckily the Harmons chefs shared the recipe with me (which I’m sure has changed by now anyway), and I’ve used it many times. I’ve even used it as a base for flavored buttercreams as well. … Continue reading Buttercream Frosting

Glazed Donuts

Haha, I flip-flop on whether I spell it “doughnuts” or “donuts”–but I don’t flip-flop on how amazing hot donuts are. If you’ve ever seen 30 Rock, you may remember when Liz Lemon says that a microwaved donut is the best dessert in the world. And we’re not talking cake donuts. We’re talking fluffy like a … Continue reading Glazed Donuts


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