Homemade Root Beer

One of the best parts of homemade root beer is the root beer slush that forms after an hour or two of bubbling. It’s not the Fourth of July without it! And it’s also really fun at Halloween for a witch’s brew.

*Note: They stopped making McCormick Root Beer Concentrate in 2020. No! We’ve tried several other kinds of concentrate. Some are okay, some are gross. We know Hires and Watkin’s are not good. We did try Torani root beer syrup and added some extra sugar and vanilla, and it was pretty good, albeit a bit expensive. We’re going to try Zatarain’s next, since they’re from the same parent company as McCormick.

And like most drinks, this one is also naturally gluten free.

Homemade Root Beer

  • Servings: 5gallons
  • Difficulty: easy
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Perfect for the 4th of July or witch’s brew on Halloween.


  • 1 bottle McCormick Root Beer Concentrate
  • 5 lb. Sugar
  • 6 – 7 lb. Dry Ice
  • 5 gallons Water (a little less)


In an Igloo dispenser, stir sugar, some water, and concentrate until sugar is dissolved. Then add ice (being careful not to let it touch your bare hands) and remaining water. Cover loosely with lid and stir occasionally. Ready in 1 hour.